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10 Bridge Bearings Design Guide for Bridges for Service

481 Chapter 10. BRiDGE BEARiNGS PTFE Wear Due to Cyclic Truck Load As mentioned throughout this section, the use of higher-wear-resistant sliding surface materials is recommended, when possible, when surfaces are subject to the fast sliding speeds associated with cyclic truck load. Bearings HeveaPOT PTFE. The pot bearing consists of cylindrical Pot, a non-reinforced elastomeric pad which is confined inside the POT, A Piston which is attached to the top of the bearing plate to transfer the load from the bridge deck to the elastomeric pad and a seal to minimize or prevent the elastomeric pad from slipping out of the POT.

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Apr 23, 2015 · 15. 15 Pot Bearings A POT BEARING consists of a shallow steel cylinder, or pot, on a vertical axis with a neoprene disk which is slightly thinner than the cylinder and fitted tightly inside. A steel piston fits inside the cylinder and bears on the neoprene. Flat brass rings are used to seal the rubber between the piston and the pot. Elastomeric bearings - FreyssinetLaminated elastomeric bearings can be fitted with a sliding surface comprising a PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) sheet dipped in the elastomer of the bearing or notched in the top thick outer plate and a sliding plate provided with an austenitic steel sheet for decks requiring significant movement. Therefore, the built up bearing only provides G 9.1 - Steel Bridge Bearing Design and Detailing Steel Bridge Bearing Design and Detailing Guidelines Section 1 Elastomeric Bearings 1.1 General Commentary This section is intended to assist in the design and detailing of elastomeric bridge bearings. The information included is intended to permit efficient fabrication, installation, and maintenance of these bearings.

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Fabreeka designs and manufactures custom expansion bearings to your specifications, including bearings with ultra-low coefficient of friction and bearings for high temperature applications. Fabreekas Bridge Rail pads have simplified the installation of railings as our SA-47 pad is supplied to the exact size and shape of the rail support Spherical Bearing - Bridge Bearing

    1. See full list on bridgebearingTypes & Functions Of Bearings for Bridges CivilDigitalSep 28, 2013 · Types & Functions Of Bearings for Bridges Function Of Bearings. Bridge bearings are used to transfer forces from the superstructure to the substructure, allowing the following types of movements of the superstructure:Translation movements; are displacements in vertical and horizontal directions due to in-plane or out-of-plane forces like wind and self weight. Spherical Bridge Bearings for Bridges and Building StructuresSpherical bridge bearing, also called spherical bearing, spherical bearing pad, is designed to ensure vertical and horizontal forces transferring under control which is a connection devices between superstructures and substructures.It consists of steel plate enclosed with edge sliding guide and stainless steel panel for sliding controlling, under the stainless steel panel is a PTFE sheet

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        1. See full list on bridgebearingBRIDGE BEARINGS - CCLINTWithin the base plate a rocker is fully retained in the pot. The rocker has a lubricated, dimpled PTFE disc which slides against the stainless steel plate. The stainless steel plate is fitted to the machined top plate allowing free horizontal movements between the two sections of the bearing. PG GUIDED SLIDING POT BEARING