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Sep 30, 2004 · Non Technical Summary Grain sorghum kernels have long been known to be coated with a waxy material. Limited and conflicting information exists on chemical, physical and functional properties. This project will extract waxy material from several types of grain sorghum kernels using different solvents and examine its chemical, physical and functional properties. Evaluation of Sudanese sorghum and bagasse as a pulp and Chemical Composition. A complete wood chemical analysis was performed to determine differences in chemical composition. The main substances are listed in Table 1. The () cellulose contents of sorghum straw and bagasse were found to be 35.4% and 43.0%, respectively.

Impact of deficit irrigation on sorghum physical and

The objective of this research was to study the effect of irrigation levels (five levels from 304.8 to 76.2 mm water) on the physical and chemical properties and ethanol fermentation performance of sorghum. Ten sorghum samples grown under semi-arid climatic conditions were harvested in 2011 from the Kansas State University Southwest Research-Extension Center near Garden City, Kansas, and Physical and chemical properties associated with food Samples of 13 genetically diverse sorghum [Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench] accessions were analysed for physical properties and chemical composition. The food (injera) quality and the phenolic (condensed tannins) content of six sorghum samples were also determined. The accessions showed a wide variation in protein (7.99 to 17.8%), lipids (2.52 to 4.76%), starch (51.88 to 85%), and amylose (12.30 to Properties of Sorghum Grain and their Relationship to p,estigated. The role played by chemical or physi- cal factors of sorghum grain on food quality appears to be a complex phenomenon. Our work on roti evaluation (Subramanian and Jambunathan 1980) revealed that physicoche- mical factors jointly influence the roti quality of sorghum. In this paper the properties of sorghum


Chemical and Physical Characteristics Some chemical and physical properties of sorghum pekmez are given in Table 1. As shown in Table 1, sorghum pekmez contained high amounts of total sugar, which is com-posed of approximately 91% invert sugar as Study of Physical and Chemical Properties of Biodiesel physical and chemical properties of crude sorghum oil were investigated for the production Chemical composition and physical properties of sorghum Sorghum flour was obtained through roller dry milling from 20 commercial hybrids grown in Argentina with the average chemical composition of the samples being:0.68% ash, 3.67% fat, 12.21% protein,