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Apr 03, 2013 · The address you are getting (169.254.x.x) is an APIPA (Automatic Private IP Address). That address is automatically assigned to your network card if it is set to get a DHCP address, but DHCP isn't available. Every 5 minutes, your network card will attempt to get an address. Until it does, it will keep the APIPA address. Getting an iOS device MAC Address with SwiftFeb 10, 2020 · This type of address is mostly used in IPv6. When a network interface has IPv6 enabled, system will automatically create a link-local address for this interface. In the link below, you can find more details about link-local addresses and IPv6 that are outside of the scope of this post. FE80::1 is a Perfectly Valid IPv6 Default Gateway Address

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May 12, 2021 · A. Network prefix and default gateway. B. Complete IPv6 address for the new host. C. Complete IPv6 address for the router. D. Link-layer address of the router. 5. IPv6 can I use a link local address as my default Gateway?It's perfectly valid. I use radvd on Linux to advertise my IPv6 subnet to my LAN, with a very basic config, and it actually advertises the router's link-local address by default. Never had problems with it. Network Interface Configuration for Multihomed Windows Jun 19, 2013 · Next, right-click the Internal network interface and choose Properties.Enter an IPv4 address, subnet mask, and DNS servers as required. Notice that I have not entered a default gateway here. This is absolutely critical and one of the most common mistakes made when configuring a multihomed DirectAccess server. On a server with multilple network interfaces there can be only one default gateway

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Feb 10, 2017 · To open a Cmd Prompt or an Administrator Cmd prompt from the Desktop. Use Windows + X Keys together and choose Command Prompt (Admin) from the list. Or Right click on the windows icon - bottom left hand side - A menu appears - choose Command Prompt (Admin) . For What You Need to Know about IPv6 Link-Local AddressesIf you assign the link-local address FE80::1 on each of its interfaces and if that link-local address is unique on each of those LAN segments, then this becomes the default gateway for the hosts on those LANs. Therefore, each host, no matter on which LAN, will see FE80::1 as the next-hop IPv6 address for the default route in its routing table. linux - IPv6 only works after pinging the default gateway your gateway for IPv6 should be in the same subnet iface eth0 inet6 static # Main IPv6 Address of the server address 2a01:4f8:a0:aaaa::2 netmask 64 gateway fe80::1 something like 2a01:4f8:a0:aaaa::1 this is set in the router or VLAN configuration, please check what you have in your router. a sample:

Allow to create fe80::1 gateway on various interfaces

Digging into the case, I found this https://blogsfoblox/ipv6-coe/fe80-1-is-a-perfectly-valid-ipv6-default-gateway-address It says that if I set gateway to fe80::1 on every interface, IPv6 will work fine, but when I try to create the gateway for LAN it doesn't allow me because fe80::1 is already defined as gateway for WAN.