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13.5:The Structure and Properties of Water - Chemistry

Viscosity is the property of fluid having high resistance to flow. We normally think of liquids like honey or motor oil being viscous, but when compared to other substances with like structures, water is viscous. Liquids with stronger intermolecular interactions are usually more viscous than liquids with weak intermolecular interactions. Crystal structures and electronic properties of Sn3N4 Apr 22, 2020 · The crystal structures, compression behaviors, and electronic properties of Sn 3 N 4 polymorphs were investigated by means of high-pressure in situ measurements, transmission electron microscopy, and DFT ab initio calculations. The direct nitridation of tin above a pressure of 29.5 GPa by using a laser-heated diamond anvil cell resulted in the synthesis of highly crystalline monoclinic Sn 3

Influence of cycling stability on structure and properties

After 5000 cycles, the structure and crystalline properties of the optimized glycerol-MnCo 2 S 4 composite was measured by TEM. Its flower-like structure displayed a thinner and more dispersed shape than that of other composite electrodes ( Fig. 6 a) These flower-shaped nanostructures can provide optimal channels for rapid charge transfer. Structure and Properties of Coatings Made of High Apr 26, 2020 · high-temperature synthesis, various vacuum-plasma methods). We have developed a promising technology for producing HEAs with SME on the surface of products by high-velocity oxygen-fuel spraying (HVOF) in a protective atmosphere (argon medium) [5,6]. The aim of the work is to study the structure and properties of the highly entropic CoCuTiZrHf Structure and properties of densified silica glass Dec 23, 2020 · The glass structure was probed by combining high-energy X-ray diffraction with neutron diffraction, and the dynamical and thermal properties of the material were measured by using inelastic

Tailoring structure and technological properties of plant

High-pressure processing (HPP) is a non-thermal technology that has several applications including the modification of proteins. The application of pressure allows modifying proteins' structure hence allowing to change several of their properties, such as hydration, hydrophobicity, and hydrophilicity.Structure and properties of high efficiency ZnO/CdZnS Structure and properties of high efficiency ZnO/CdZnS/CuInGaSe/sub 2/ solar cells Abstract:Thin-film polycrystalline solar cells with the structure ZnO/CdZnS/CuInGaSe/sub 2/ fabricated with total area efficiencies of up to 12.5% under AM1.5 equivalent illumination and